Friday, July 26, 2013

Recap Friday (Week of 7/22)

This week, our members are back on the daily grind but the fun continues on our Facebook page! Here's what we've been up to, post-Con!


Lots of haul and shwag photos popped up on Facebook this week. Grabbed extras and you want to trade? There's a doc for that!

Members recognized Joseph sporting the bright green Comic-Con Crew jersey on Entertainment Weekly! - J. Roemele

Photos from the Darkness Descending party, an upcoming film starring Danny Trejo, surfaced. - H. Meza

The Hollywood Reporter talks rise of Orphan Black and Doctor Who on BBC America. - S. Harris

The Nerdist podcast for San Diego Comic-Con 2013 was posted! - L. Afuyog

iO9 complied a list of the biggest winners and losers of SDCC 2013. - D. Berry

Hero Complex interviewed Tom Hiddleston about the fantastic Loki stunt he pulled at the "Thor: The Dark World" panel last weekend. - D. Berry

And in other news, this happened. Thanks Veronica.

Lastly, for those of you who missed out on the Legendary shwag, you can still win some SDCC exclusive freebies by liking their Facebook page! - A. Cruz


Other Bits...

Calling all members! We're looking for photos from this year's SDCC:BH meetup. Got a few you'd like to share and see in an upcoming post? Upload them onto our Facebook page! Thanks!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Recap Friday (Week of 7/8)

Holy Hawkeye! There's about a handful of days left before we take over Gaslamp. ARE YOU EXCITED?!? While you were out working, shopping, packing, and planning, we compiled a list of things you might have missed...



This year's volunteers reported that they'd received their pre-Con assignments.

Our members are getting crafty with their gear! J. Carder shared with us a photo of his newest project.

Announced! Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger to promote "Escape Plan" at the movie's Thursday night screening. - D. Johnson

J. Ramirez shared with us a photo of Toynami's exclusives. Can you say kawaii?!?

The Geeky Hooker is bringing cute little knitted critters to the Con. Find out how you can adopt one here! - V. Zamora-Arreola


Announced! Nerd HQ conversation panelists to be released on Wednesday (7/10), sales to begin on Thursday (7/11). - D. Berry

Announced! Weezer and Metallica are scheduled to perform at SDCC! - J. Hanks

Announced! News of Comedy Central's Comedy Con surfaced. - D. Berry

Revealed! The third wave of Funko exclusives! Black Suit Man of Steel, Domo Superman, and Disco Skeletor are among the list.  - A. Lopez

When Nerds Attack posted a list of autograph signings including George R. R. Martin, Falling Skies, Veronica Mars, Robert Kirkman, and more. - N. Williams

Laura was right. A million hearts shattered when we found out that the cast of Big Bang Theory will not be making an appearance this year. - D. Berry


Announced! Keep your eyes peeled because Jennifer Lawrence is coming to Comic-Con (via Fashion 'n Style). - D. Berry

Revealed! Comic-Con exclusives from Mondo! - D. Berry.

Revealed! This week's Entertainment Weekly cover gives us a first look at Jamie Foxx as Electro in The Amazing Spiderman 2. - D. Berry

Cartoon Network asks fans to come save Princess Bubblegum at the Adventure Time Conquest! Head to the booth (#3735) for more deets! - D. Berry

Gamers rejoice! The Sega Arcade will be back at the Con! This year's games include Hatsune Miku and Sonic Lost World. - D. Berry

For more of what you missed on Wednesday, go here!


Announced! Comic-Con's anime schedule! Do you know where the anime rooms are located this year? - D. Berry

Announced! Danny Trejo to attend The Darkness Descending Comic-Con fan party on Saturday! Get your tickets here. - D. Darnborough

Revealed! The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog gave us a look at the fourth wave of exclusives from Funko. Those Domo tees are friggin' adorable! - D. Berry

The Hollywood Reporter released a list of SDCC parties you'll want to get into. A Game of Thrones beer fest? An Assassin's Creed pirate gathering? Yes and Yes! - T. Yodasoda

Wondering what kinds of shwag to expect this year? Swag Magnet's got you covered! - V. Zamora-Arreola


Announced! 20th Century Fox released their Hall H Saturday night line-up! - D. Berry hinted a big announcement from Fox... Could Fox have something planned for the X-Men universe? - S. Conaway

Revealed! Via the San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog: four exclusive Lego mini figurines you can take home for free! - D. Berry

Revealed! Capcom exclusives! One of our admins is eyeing that shiny Umbrella Corp watch... - S. Tat

Revealed! These thirteen posters will be up for grabs at the Fox booth next weekend! We're loving the ones for Sleepy Hollow and Bob's Burgers! - D. Berry

E. Rosas shared with us a photo of the new mocking jay pin, a freebie to promote Catching Fire, the sequel to Hunger Games.

Geeky Tyrant reports, Ant-Man is finally scripted! Phew! For a moment there, we had doubts. - D. Berry

Toucan blog posted a link to the Official CCI iPhone app! - D. Berry


Other Bits...

As you may have noticed, this week's recap is an unusually long post. We wanted to make sure that all of our members can get caught up on what's HAPPENING, not necessarily what's happening on the page. Although it's gotten a little cluttered in recent weeks, rest assured that we're trying to streamline the group's Facebook page as we speak! :)

Because of how busy we expect ourselves to be (the admins and our members alike), we will not have a Recap Friday post next week (7/19/13).

More Bits...

Planning to see a panel but you don't want to be alone? Sign up to see who else is lining up for what!

Keep up the momentum, propel yourself towards the light, and we'll see you next week at the SDCC: BH meet-up! (Pssst! You can still RSVP here!)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

SDCC Exclusives: ThinkGeek

Yep, back-to-back posts today! We've covered the hype on some of the Funko Pop! exclusives and we've just highlighted a number of Action Figure Xpress toys but let's not forget about ThinkGeek, the geeky merch mecca!


Emily's picks!


For years we've awaited the arrival of their very own Comic-Con exclusives but all we've been able to get is a brief hello from Timmy! What's up with that?! They've stepped up their game this year with items you can purchase and take home with you-- these including pin packs and UV party masks from Bravest Warriors, gold pickaxes and swords for Minecraft afficionados, and Portal 2 turret flashlights complete with sound effects.

Anything with sounds effects is an instant winner in my book.


Items are priced between $15 & $25. Pick yours up at booth #5541.
For a list of other SDCC exclusives, go here.

Action Figure Express Exclusives

For those of you attending Preview Night, we are exactly a week away from the Con! Don't mind us-- we're only frantically packing for the most important weekend of the year. Phew! In the mean time, here's a look at  some of the year's most coveted exclusives.


Dan's picks!


Indecisive collectors are going to have to make a tough decision next week because we're giving you another list of items to scout for. This time at the Action Figures Xpress booth (#3345).

A while ago, Dan was one of the lucky ones to pre-order exclusive sets of Marvel Minimates, including the Iron Man 3 Hall of Armors 10-Pack, as pictured bellow. The admin of our Facebook group have been oohing-and-ahhing over these adorable figurines for days! Marvel collections not your thing? Worry not. AFX has you covered with exclusives from Masters of the Universe, Star Trek, and Thundercats!

Did I mention they're releasing limited numbers of DC bear bricks as well? Guess I'll have to pay tribute to my favorite DC villain after all... #imokaywiththat


Items are priced between $15 & $55. Pick yours up at booth #3345!
For a list of other SDCC exclusives, go here.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Recap Friday (Week of 7/1)

The end of our wait is nigh! While we try to contain ourselves from exploding with excitement, here's a look at some of the things you might have missed this week...



Jennifer shared an extended list of SDCC exclusives with us. Have you figured out which ones are going home with you this year?


 Updated! SDCC:BH members added new items to our raffle doc


Members announced that their SDCC:BH merch have been coming in. Have you gotten yours yet?

Announced! Red Giant Entertainment to have a panel on Sunday! - D. Berry

Announced! Hello Kitty is coming to Comic-Con to debut Sanrio's Fashion Music Wonderland. Find her at booth #4537! - M. Soto

Excited for The World's End? Check out the pub crawl that's happening on Thursday and win tickets to an invite-only party! - C. Troilo


One of our members, Ebb, shared with us a photo of her 2nd Annual Comic-Con tree. Now it really is Christmas in July!

Revealed! The official Comic-Con schedule for Thursday, July 18th was revealed. - D. Berry

Revealed! Cinema Blend gave us a look at Enger's Game shwag to be given away at the Con. - E. Moss

From Invincible and Thief of Thieves to have their very own Minimates sets! - D. Berry


Announced! A Veronica Mars panel to be held on Friday, July 19th. - D. Price

Announced! Jason David Frank (or more commonly known as Tommy Oliver) to appear at this year's Con! - M. Pena

Announced! Blizzard's events schedule. Wondering what else they've got going on? Check out their booth-- #115!- D. Berry

Revealed! gave us a look at Soundwave and Acid Storm exclusives from Toys R Us! - J. Jasso

Revealed! The official Comic-Con schedule for Friday, July 19th was revealed. - M. Lee

The countdown to this year's Tokidoki exclusives has officially begun! - N. Srisamang


Other Bits...

If you haven't yet RSVP'd to our SDCC Badge Holder's meet-up, here's your chance!

Want to get connected with other members? Check out our Instagram doc!

Wondering which food trucks will make their stop at the Con this year? Here's an easy way to find out.