Wednesday, July 10, 2013

SDCC Exclusives: ThinkGeek

Yep, back-to-back posts today! We've covered the hype on some of the Funko Pop! exclusives and we've just highlighted a number of Action Figure Xpress toys but let's not forget about ThinkGeek, the geeky merch mecca!


Emily's picks!


For years we've awaited the arrival of their very own Comic-Con exclusives but all we've been able to get is a brief hello from Timmy! What's up with that?! They've stepped up their game this year with items you can purchase and take home with you-- these including pin packs and UV party masks from Bravest Warriors, gold pickaxes and swords for Minecraft afficionados, and Portal 2 turret flashlights complete with sound effects.

Anything with sounds effects is an instant winner in my book.


Items are priced between $15 & $25. Pick yours up at booth #5541.
For a list of other SDCC exclusives, go here.

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