General Tips


Pack light, especially if you have kids. Leave your massive wallets at home but bring a shopping bag to carry all of your spoils later!

Bring the 5 big necessities. Hand sanitizer, deodorant, sunscreen, aspirin, and water are all a must. Here's a more extensive list of things to pack.

Respect the fanny pack. At this event, a fanny pack, albeit not so fashionable, can be a lifesaver. Walmart sells a few options in the camping section for $5, $7, and $10. There’s enough space for cash, a cell, a camera, and a water bottle. 

Hygiene boosters are a must. CC veterans will appreciate the luxury of having baby wipes and a can of dry shampoo on hand. Remember not to skip out on the deodorant!


Food and Drinks

Don't skip breakfast. If you're staying at a hotel that offers free breakfast (ex. La Quinta, Holiday Inn, Best Western), grab a yogurt, banana, bagel to snack on at the con. Regardless of where you're staying at, you should always start your day with a meal in case you forget to eat later.

Carry your own drinks. Drinks (including bottled water) inside the convention center is priced anywhere from $3 to $5-- which can add up pretty quickly. 

Stock up during your lunch break. When you need to refuel, you can purchase sodas, waters, and bottled coffees at Ralph’s on G street, or at the convenience store in the food court of Horton Plaza.

Make a deli run in between trips. When you're hopping from one location to another, squeeze in some time for a quick lunch at Ralph’s on G street. They have an extensive deli inside that's perfect for people who don't want to travel too far from the CC.



Have them wear something identifiable! We cannot stress this enough! When you're surrounded by hundreds of attendees, it's easy to get lost in the crowd-- especially if you're under 5 feet tall. Wearing large emblems and bright colors will help you keep track of the little ones.

Set up a time and place to meet. Talking on the phone is virtually impossible inside the convention center-- be sure to set up a back-up plan in case your little one walks off on their own.

Bring alternative sources of entertainment. We all know that the Con is a shock to our senses-- there's never a boring moment. Keep a kindle, phone, iPad or comic book handy... in case the kids get a little antsy.



Bring a back-up battery cell. Dying battery life is one of the biggest issues that our members have talked about on our FB page. A good way to assuage this problem is to keep a universal power bank on hand.

Tip your housekeepers daily. If you are staying in a hotel/motel, they will leave extra towels, shampoo, and soap.They are more inclined to look the other way when you have 4 people crammed into a room intended for 1.

Bring some smaller bills (5's and 10's). Some of the dealers can't break your 100 if you purchase a $3 dollar comic. If you have extra small bills when you get ready to leave, you can always sell them to a dealer and they will appreciate it.

Call your credit card company or bank. Call in advance (2 weeks) before the Con to let them know that you will be using your card often during that weekend. Let them know not to place a security hold on it. 

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