Sunday, October 20, 2013

Recap Friday (Week of 10/14)

Wait a minute. It's Sunday? Where'd the weekend go? Well.. I'm blaming it on time warp.
Here's what you might have missed...


Via Geek Tyrant: early this week, writer Adam Horowitz gave us a little update on the third installment of Tron. - S. Tat

The Walking Dead fans swooned over Michelle's badges.

Herb Trimpe, the first to pencil Marvel's Wolverine, was announced as a guest at Stan Lee's Comikaze! - D. Berry

On Tuesday, Guillermo del Toro fans celebrated the release of Pacific Rim on DVD and Blu-Ray. Equally exciting was the news of the making of a sequel! - D. Berry

Geek Tyrant speculated a new cinematic universe for Universal Studios to be based on The Mummy, Van Helsing and other fan favorites. - D. Berry

"Medieval Land Fun-time World" is the BEST worst lip reading of Game of Thrones ever (and for sharing it with us, Dan wins the internet this week. But don't tell him that).

Comic Book Movie teased us with the possibility of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm in the new "Fantastic Four." - M. Gonzalez

Via Latino Review: Star Wars Episode VII to be released in Spring or Summer of 2015. This leads us to the  big question: can we expect a panel at next year's SDCC? - D. Berry

On Thursday, we were Rick-Rolled in Klingon. Yes, you read that right. - B. Woodin

Robert Kirkman confirmed theThe Walking Dead spin-off and... apparently it'll be set in SPACE. - D. Berry

On Friday, the schedule for Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo was released! You can still purchase passes for the event here. - D. Berry

Our member, Karma, took us back in time to look at the evolution of the SDCC logo. See how it's changed in the past four decades!

Marilyn Manson was confirmed for the role of Shadow and will join the cast of "Once Upon a Time" this November. - D. Berry

And this NYCC Cosplay video from Aggressive Comix had us rolling on the floor! - D. Berry


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