Friday, June 28, 2013

Recap Friday (Week of 6/24)

TGIF!! Here's what you might have missed this week...


MONDAY speculated a 2016 or 2017 release date for Marvel's Doctor Strange movie. - D. Berry

Joss Whedon talked about Robert Downey Jr.'s role as Iron Man in Avengers 2 via Geek Tyrant. - D. Berry


USA Network announced that they would have a special advanced screening of Psych: The Musical on Wednesday, July 17th. - D. Kelly

More details about Marvel's Doctor Strange-- this time, about the plot!-- were revealed on Latino Review. - D. Berry

Superhero Hype asks, "Is Vin Diesel headed to the Marvel Universe? And if so, which Phase 2 film would he be cast in?" - D. Berry


Looking for a buddy to line up with for the panels you want to see? Dan has created a doc just for that!

From Geek Tyrant: Terminator 5 has set a release date! The big question everyone's asking is "is it a reboot? " - D. Berry


The Unofficial Comic-Con Blog posted a list of CONFIRMED panels for the year. - D. Berry

Wondering what a Disney and Marvel mash-up would look like? You'll be able to see for yourself when Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel launches this summer. - S. Garza

When Nerds Attack reminded us to hold on to our badges-- if we're hoping to register for SDCC 2014! - A. Jones

Cnet reports, Google is said to create their own gaming console. - K. Walton


Members of our group were disappointed-- and confused-- to know that Fifty Shades of Grey will make an appearance at this year's Con. - D. Berry

Our members also updated the list of items to be raffled off at our 2nd Annual SDCC:BH meetup!

A sneak peek of this year's Funko Pop! exclusives (with pics!) was released! - A. Lopez

Exclusive World of Warcraft merch from Blizzard will in fact be sold at the Con! Here's your first look! Get yours at booth #115 (Hall A). - A. Jones

When Nerds Attack gave us a look at Marvel's exclusives for SDCC 2013. You'll be able to find glass tumblers and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. tees at booth #2329. - T. Pham

News of a Comic-Con fan party, celebrating the release of Danny Trejo's new film, "The Darkness Descending," reached our timeline. Thanks Darren for the heads up!


Other Bits...

Be sure to order from Zazzle if you haven't yet purchased your SDCC:BH merchandise yet. This year's logo was designed by Karma Savage!

An important message we needed to share with you:
Laura from our Facebook group says, "Speaking of Parking and Safety: Please, please please if you are from out of town and have never attended Comic Con Harbor Drive is a quasi highway/freeway. Please do not attempt to cross on red or away from a cross walk. We had a fatality from an out of towner because she thought she could just run across. Please be careful!"

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