Friday, August 23, 2013

Recap Friday (Week of 8/19)

TGIF! Time for this week's recap! 



Geek Tyrant announced that Fantastic Four and X-Force will share the same cinematic universe with X-Men! - D. Berry

JJ Abrams released a mysterious new trailer for an upcoming project with Bad Robot. - D. Berry

Early releases of Evangeline Lilly's Squickerwonkers books were made available-- and they're signed too! - B. Woodin


Elizabeth Olsen has been cast as Scarlet Witch in the much anticipated Avengers: Age of Ultron (Via Critiques4Geeks). - S. Tat

Wes Bentley was revealed to be Christopher Nolan's pick for the new Batman. - R. Akau

And Matty Collector made the "final call" for 2014 subscriptions. - A. Lopez


Bradley Cooper has been offered the role of Rocket Raccoon in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (Via Geek Tyrant). - M. Gonzalez

The opening cinematic for Diablo III was released! - H. Veguilla

Kim gave us a look at the newest addition to her collection; a glorious depiction of the Merc with the Mouth.

And Emily's finished Battlestar Galactica project proved to be a hit among SDCCBH members!


Warner Brothers shocked the world with news of Ben Affleck being cast as the new Caped Crusader in Superman vs. Batman! (Via Variety, one among many sources). - O. Lines.

Marvel and Hero Ventures announced that they would be bringing a Marvel Experience tour to the US! - D. Berry

And a rather handsome Thorgi made an appearance on Reddit. - B. Taylor


Following the news of Thursday's casting, Joss Whedon tweeted his approval. - D. Berry

And so did Kevin Smith!

And in other news, Mike Relm released the Cornetto Trilogy megamix-- And The World's End is out today! - J. Roemele


Other Bits...

A new document was created over the weekend-- This one's specifically for those of you who like to read webcomics! Give it a look, add your own, and feel free to share!

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