Sunday, September 1, 2013

Recap Friday - Extended Edition (Week of 8/26)

Oops. This post comes a little late-- and we're blaming it on the heat! 
And having to sit here and type in 90-degree weather and 70% humidity? *DIES* 

Enough delay, bring on the recap!


The legendary Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, passed away at 82. - L. Sam

Announced: Peter Jackson to direct an upcoming episode of Doctor Who. - D. Berry

Syfy ordered a 12 Monkeys pilot and production is set to begin in November. - B. Dragos

And Todd MacFarlane gave us hope that a Spawn reboot may be in the works. - L. Sam


Confirmed: Breaking Bad star, Bryan Cranston has signed a multi-film deal with DC to play the role of Lex Luthor. - V. Betchel

Christopher shared with us some details about Marvel Unlimited, an annual subscription that grants access to a number of events at NYCC and quite possibly, SDCC 2014!


Badge holders were both surprised and disappointed to find out that Nintendo intends to release a [seemingly bulky and inconvenient] 2DS gaming handheld. - V. Betchel

More casting news for Star Wars: Episode VII surfaced on Geek Tyrant. Could Rachel Hurd-Wood be playing the role of Pprincess Leia? Or Ryan Gosling as Luke? - D. Berry

And MSN released a guide to this Fall's newest shows. - B. Woodin


Major news from Marvel as they announced that they had cast James Spader as Ultron in the upcoming sequel to Avengers. - C. Trolio

If you missed this at SDCC this year, fans of Alien can now pre-order Alien ReAction figures from Entertainment Earth-- at 2/3 of the price! - C. Stiver

Via When Nerds Attack: Getting Stallone's autograph at New York Comic-Con is going to cost you a pretty penny. - C. Stiver


The first day of PAX began! Seatleites, we envy you!


Members who were dissatisfied with the outcome of Syfy's Heroes of Cosplay may find The Cosplay Show a little more to their liking. - J. Garcia

Cult Box spilled news of a returning guest star on Doctor Who and speculated that it's likely to happen in this year's Christmas special. - D. Berry

Dan shared with us an incredible Pop Up Tee deal for the ultimate Game of Thrones fan (available until 8am pacific time on Monday, 9/2).


Bad news bears. Hayao Miyazaki announced that he's retiring [from feature films]. Lovers of Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle are sure to miss his iconic animations. - A. Mills

San Diegans rejoiced as interim  mayor, Todd Gloria talked plans to expand the San Diego Convention Center; a big step towards keeping SDCC here in California's finest city. - K. Savage


Other Bits...

None to report! See you guys on Friday. :)

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