Friday, September 6, 2013

Recap Friday (Week of 9/2)

After another week of blistering heat, I'd say Friday couldn't come soon enough! Time to relax, grab a few drinks, and check out this week's recap. 


Badge holders were on the hunt for some Pacific Rum! - S. Tat

Via Geek Tyrant: Benedict Cumberbatch was rumored to be cast in Star Wars VII. - D. Berry

A pair of love-dragons had an amazing Game of Thrones themed wedding. - S. Harris

And this Pinky and the Brain proposal has us "aww-ing" in front of the computer like saps. Awwww! - N. Williams


Optimus Prime was spotted wearing a new steampunk-inspired mask at New York Fashion Week (sorry, just kidding about NYFW). - B. Woodin

And our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man saved the day-- with a $7000 check that's going towards a woman's wedding! - A. Palasi


A tearful day for fans of Futurama as the show aired its final episode in the series. - L. Sam

But all was well when this video of the cast and crew of Doctor Who singing "500 miles" resurfaced on the web. Thanks for saving the day, Veronica!


Fans got their first look at the new Robocop reboot. - J. Cole

The Terminator 5 reboot was rumored to be connected to the Marvel universe (but relax guys, it's not what you think). - C. Livingston

Roland Emmerich talked about a Stargate reboot as a movie trilogy. Check out the deets here. - L. Sam

Make-up guru Promise Phan showed us a step-by-step Tony Stark and Iron Man transformation. - S. Tat

And a new trailer for Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity surfaced on Cinema Blend. - C. Livingston 

And in related news, the San Diego Chargers urged Coastal Commission to drop their convention center expansion plans in favor for their new stadium. Oh girl, hold up. - D. Berry


Following Thursday's news, interim mayor, Todd Gloria, announced that he would continue to support the $520 million plan to expand the convention center. - D. Berry

Via Bleeding Cool: PBS to debut "Superheroes: a Never-ending Battle", a three part documentary covering different eras of comics. Catch it on Superhero Night (October 15th, 2013). - B. Woodin


Other Bits...

For those of you who are looking to break into the Comics industry, here's your chance! DC Comics has announced an Open Talent Search for fans of Harley Quinn! Many thanks to Luis for the heads up!

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