Friday, September 20, 2013

Recap Friday (Week of 9/16)

Lots of exciting things happened this week in the realm of films, toys and pop culture! In case you missed it, here's what happened...


Members buzzed about the release of Grand Theft Auto V and have begun to make plans in anticipation for the release of the multi-player component. - B. Dragos

Nerd cakes got nerdier-- with this Unicorn and Horse Man wedding cake topper! Anyone got a wedding coming up? I'm free... - B. Woodin

Via Movie Fanatic: the title of "Batman vs. Superman" was locked in in Warner Bros's CEO, Kevin Tsujihara. - L. Sultana

Disney confirmed that the the upcoming Star Wars origin films (to be released after 2015) will focus on Han Solo and Boba Fett. - D. Berry

Arnold Schwarzenegger was confirmed for the role of the big bad antagonist in Avatar 2, which is scheduled for a December 2016 release. - D. Berry

And TV Line teased a Walking Dead spin-off series for 2015. - D. Berry


The SD Comic-Con Badge Holders's group hit 900 members! We were told celebratory cheers were heard a far as Tatooine.

An old photo of Molly Quinn dressed as Captain Mal resurfaced on the internet and everyone decided they wanted their very own Molly because that's just too adorable. - S. Tat

And park attendees will soon get to see the Thor: The Dark World exhibit at Disneyland! - S. Conaway


Joseph's little Jaeger was a hit among members. Want your own? Thinkgeek's got you covered. You'll need one in case of a Kaiju infestation... - J. Cole

Living Social offered an exclusive deal for San Diegans, involving sushi, cocktails... and a shot at some professional sumo wrestlers?! - L. Sam


A messenger probe on Mercury recently found Han Solo. I kid you not. - S. Tat

Rumors of a female Sith lord in Disney's "Star Wars: Episode 7" popped up on the internet. - A. Roman

Via Kotaku: this is one Batman action figure you'll want to ask Santa for (and look, there's one for Robin too!). - V. Bechtel


Comikaze Expo attendees got a first look at the exclusive Pop! vinyl figurine of the Spider-Man and wait, he's unmasked?!? He'll only be available at the Hot Topic booth November 1st through the 3rd so you better pick him up before he's gone. - B. Woodin

A sense of nostalgia washed over the page when Joseph posted a picture of his Fleer Ultra Spiderman Masterpieces. 90's kids, do you remember these?!

And fellow Decepticons rejoiced as they found out Starscream and Soundwave hoodies are now available for purchase at Big Bad Toy Store--just in time for Halloween! - J. David


Other Bits...

None to report! See you guys next week! :)

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